Quality Construction Services Since 1971


Vince Building Company, established in 1971, was founded through the strength and tradition of family values. Originally operated by Vincent Fontana Sr. the company has been consistently providing the highest quality construction under the leadership of Vincent Jr. and his wife Melony. Just as traditions are passed along generations, so has Vince Sr.'s dedication and commitment been passed on to Vince and is continuing on to his sons, Jimmy and Steve.


The company strives "to provide construction and construction management services of the highest quality and professional standards." Acute attention to detail is paid to all aspects of construction through its various stages. All materials necessary for commercial and residential projects meet, if not surpass, Vince's high standards as well as all building codes and specifications. Employees of this company are also held to standards that include, but are not limited to, to expedience, competence, and professionalism. They are also expected to contribute "to the quality reputation of the company and to personal stature."